8th European GMP Conference

Dear colleagues,

The EU GMP Conference is only offered every two years. This unique conference discusses current and planned changes to the GMP regulation. All experts and managers involved in GMP compliance activities will have the opportunity to get a comprehensive GMP update and to talk to the leading experts from industry and authority.

Although EU GMP is in the center of attention, a harmonized approach with cGMP from FDA will also be an important aspect of the agenda. For internationally operating companies both EU GMP and FDA compliance is important and the corporate quality systems need to cover the regulations of both regions.

The agenda will therefore focus on key GMP compliance developments. Attention will be paid to the implementation of these requirements into pharmaceutical quality systems. The ECA Foundation objective is to support industry, and therefore current activities as well as guidance documents are presented during this conference.

The sessions will have speakers from industry and inspectorates to discuss both expectations and implementation aspects.

We wish you a successful and interesting conference.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Afshin Hosseiny, Chairman of the ECA Advisory Board

Target Group

The conference is of particular interest to GMP experts of pharmaceutical companies (e.g. QA, QC, production, distribution, regulatory affairs), of GMP inspectorates and regulatory authorities.